Jessey White-Cinis

Jessey White-Cinis


I believe that humans are just here to play, and to steward biological life on earth, and to birth non-biological electronic life in an effort to escape Earth's biosphere and to observe, understand, and evolve The Greater Universe.

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Bought my first property and am deeply excited to design a home and studio and safe place to move from. Planting a flag. Deep in my daily Ashtanga practice. Writing electronic music and DJing. Excited about coding again and starting new projects. Excited to host and play in my new home.

What have you done?

Some highlights in reverse chronological order:

Current beliefs that might change



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Moment of Zen

What it must be to be a sphere. To grow in all directions at once. To move in complete potentiality, ready for whatever may come. To be complete, contained, and listening to all possibilities. May we all become spheres.